I successfully navigated an entire LA/SF trip purely through public transportation--Buses, subways, and Amtraks from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back. It’s quite a green achievement. And remarkably easy. My hat’s off to the city of West Hollywood for providing a free shuttle during the morning from West Hollywood to the Hollywood and Highland subway. They were the key factor in making the entire excursion a reality. ... See MoreSee Less

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In 2013, Greg Guma wrote the piece ‘One-Man Show: What Happens If Bernie Runs for the Presidency?” which tracked his rise from a third party candidate placing in single digits to a major force in state politics and projected a similar trajectory on the national stage.

Greg Guma tells GoHarrison: “Many people are now trolling around for dirt on Bernie, but it’s unlikely to stick. ... It’s critical to understand that Bernie is not and never was a party builder, he was a candidate. He originally won because of low voter turnout but rose because of increasing voter turnout.

“His campaigns in Vermont were based on the same thing as his current presidential campaign: If you repeat a strong core message enough, people will catch on. We ran on the same ticket in 1981 -- both he and I were about to run for mayor of Burlington and we decided he’d run for mayor and I’d run for city council. He barely won that election -- his first after many defeats -- and that propelled his political career.

“Power corrupts, but Bernie has become more human as he has risen. He had years with a hand-to-mouth existence -- being elected mayor was I think his first real job.

“He’s a natural born politician, but not out to build a cult of personality. He originally didn’t run as a socialist, but as an independent, which has a strong history in Vermont. And in office he focused on culture as much as anything else -- creating an atmosphere of tolerance in Burlington, fostering the arts.

“His campaign now is the largest overtly ideological national campaign in a long time and dovetails and contrasts with Trump in many ways. Sanders is an insurgent with the message to the Democratic Party of: ‘we are not of you, but we want to revive you,’ while with Trump, it’s more of a hostile takeover attempt. Trump is saying that Bernie can’t get things done, but Bernie has a certain conservative, cross cultural appeal. He’s gone along with the NRA a times and been targeted by...
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The Hill reports: “Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) is turning down a request from House Democrats that he testify about his role in Flint, Mich.’s drinking water crisis.

“Snyder spokeswoman Anna Heaton said Monday that the governor won’t attend on Wednesday because he’s due to present his annual budget proposal that day in Michigan.”

MARSHA COLEMAN-ADEBAYO (EPA Whistleblower) tells @goharrison in her Guardian piece “Water crises like Flint’s will continue until the EPA is held accountable”: “The ultimate responsibility to safeguard public health rests with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), per the Clean Water Act. In fact, there are provisions of the Clean Water Act that provide for criminal prosecutions for violations that can result in fines and imprisonment.

“The EPA has 200 fully authorized federal law enforcement agents who can carry firearms, 70 forensic scientists and technicians, and 45 attorneys who specialize in environmental crimes enforcement. Yet the EPA, mandated as the public’s last, best line of defense, failed the people -- yet again -- when it came to the Flint water crisis.

“The Flint atrocity could, with congressional and presidential resolve, be the last one -- agency administrators and political appointees serve at the pleasure of the president, and Congress is responsible for doling out funding to them.

“But for that resolve to crystallize, the horrors of the poisoning of Flint need to be seen within the historical contexts that show the crimes committed against the people of Flint fit a toxic template with deep roots in the managerial culture of the EPA that has repeatedly created sacrifice zones in poor, predominantly black and brown communities of America, often backed by congressional and presidential inaction.

“Congress, acting on behalf of the people, must break this cycle and hold all public officials who were complicit in the tragedy in Flint to account.

“Ten years ago, municipal water...
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Now that the Michigan Senate is looking to reestablish beastiality laws, which I think are reasonable since it seems to be such a problem with their GOP. You would only legislate against something that affects you, personally. Good to know that they’re making public strides to be more honest about their sexual proclivities ... See MoreSee Less

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Was on a conference call this morning with White House officials to discuss President Obama’s 2017 budget. Part two is tomorrow at 12:30 PM. The audio is embargoed for broadcast, but I’ll give a full summary afterward. ... See MoreSee Less

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Please, please donate some money to Hillary’s campaign, as she is requesting – so she doesn’t have to divert any of her Goldman Sachs speaking fee money or dip into her $80 million personal fortune. ... See MoreSee Less

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