WHO: Team Bernie LA, Bruce Carter, YahNe Ndgo, Greg Palast, Cary Harrison and Rosario Dawson

WHAT: Rally in support of Senator Bernie Sanders, who is still very much in the race as ballots continue to be counted in California, and to raise awareness about voter suppression and election fraud in California, Nevada, Arizona, New York, etc.

WHERE: CNN Building, 6430 Sunset Blvd. The march route will follow Sunset to Cahuenga, turn onto Hollywood Blvd., and again onto Vine and end back at the CNN Building for the rally.

WHEN: Sunday, June 26, 2016 @ 11am

June 20, 2016--Team Bernie LA, the volunteer organization responsible for multiple March for Bernie events, for the Bernie Sanders South Central volunteer office in Leimert Park, and for turning Hollywood’s Johnie’s Coffee Shop Restaurant into “Bernie’s” Coffee Shop Restaurant Volunteer Office, is at it again with a YUGGE march event on June 26th. In coordination with multiple cities’ marches around the country, the upcoming Still Sanders March LA to draw attention to the fact that no Democratic candidate has enough pledged delegates to win the nomination outright, as well as the fact that there have been major irregularities at the polls in multiple states which still need to be addressed.

“We are here to fight for the heart and soul of our democracy,” says Team Bernie LA production designer Jeremy White. “When thousands of people around the country have been disenfranchised, when millions of people are fighting for a Sanders presidency, when hundreds of millions of dollars have bought our democracy out from under us, we need to stand up, stand together, and fight back.”

The hashtag #StillSanders has been trending on social media since the end of March. In that time, it has become clear to many that for his supporters, the Bernie Sanders phenomenon is not just a presidential candidacy, but a social movement which embodies the kind of world that those who ascribe to Sanders’ platform want to create.

Speaking at the march will be many of the well-known Bernie Sanders surrogates, including Rosario Dawson, YahNe Ndgo, and Bruce Carter of Black Men for Bernie. The Black Men for Bernie bus will make an appearance, as well. There will also be representatives from the Brand New Congress initiative. Attendees can expect information booths, surprise stunts throughout the day, and more speakers to be announced.

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Michelle Manos
(908) 892-8187 cell
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The greater democratic Party is now demonstrating what a vibrant threat Bernie still is to La machine de Hillary. While MSNBC earlier today backpedaled on the allegations that Bernie was voting for Hillary, they simultaneously put up a lower third graphic that said Bernie was voting for Hillary. In public access TV, graphical errors are expected. At NBC Universal Comcast they are intended ... See MoreSee Less

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Horrible day in England tomorrow after “Brexit”. A virtual stock market crash and then layoffs over the next month there. Same style of voters as our Donald Trump voters here: mostly older, uneducated people wanting nationalism. ... See MoreSee Less

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CNN just described their lack of fact checking as “ controversial details”. Hahahahaha hahahahaha ... See MoreSee Less

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“Clinton Fuelled a Crisis in Haiti: Why Is Nobody Talking About It?”

AP is reporting today: “Haiti appeared to enter into another leaderless drift Wednesday as the provisional president’s 120-day mandate came to a close amid backroom negotiations and delays by the deeply polarized country’s political class.”

NIKOLAS BARRY-SHAW [in Canada] is the voting rights associate for the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti.

He said today: “The mandate of Haiti’s interim president expired yesterday with no successor to take his place, raising questions about who will carry forward the country’s stalled electoral process. Dates for new elections were announced last week, after a verification panel ruled that the previous rounds of voting were so riddled by fraud and irregularities that the process should recommence at zero.

“The U.S. State Department opposed the verification process and sought to finish Haiti’s elections before the U.S. general election campaign begins in earnest this summer. The department’s overriding -- though unofficial -- concern has been that undue attention to Haiti might negatively affect Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. It desperately wants to keep the results of Clinton’s involvement in Haiti as secretary of state out of the media glare. But this policy could backfire badly.

“Ricardo Seitenfus, a Brazilian diplomat who served in Haiti when Clinton was secretary of state, publicly accused the State Department of wanting ‘to quickly elect a president in Haiti in order to not make any waves, so that Hillary Clinton’s campaign goes smoothly.’ The accusation has been echoed by other diplomats, Haitian businessmen and Haiti policy experts in the US.”
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Join me on NPR (KPCC 89.3) about LGBT significance of gay bars as sanctuaries in the wake of #Orlando. Wed 6/15 9:10am (PST) on “Take Two” @goharrison @taketwo ... See MoreSee Less

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