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Dragon Express Revisited

So while I originally was very upset with Dragon Express because it didn’t work with CamTwist. But it appears that they have resolved that issue.

And now that I have it actually working, I can like it. It still has its flaws, for example I can’t seem to get hotkey to work. But all in all it does what it says is going to do.

Now one thing that might also be improving my experience, is the zag noise canceling earbuds that I’m using while I dictate. I no longer have to worry about the ambient noise from the TV or anything else going on being picked up by the dictation engine. I have to go back and clean it up, which is actually kind of easy to do through voice. Once you get the hang of it, Dragon Express is actually kind of fun!

So, I have to say that Dragon Express is very impressive now.

I still would ultimately love us. Type interface for me to simply press a button and be able to start talking to the computer to get to start working with me. However this is a good first step into going into that world. They’ll start to get me adjusted while the software starts to improve.

So if you have the opportunity, pick up Dragon Express and the Mac store while it’s on sale for a limited time of $50, if you find yourself really liking Dragon you can get the full version for a limited time at $100 upgrade. This is the total cost of 150 versus 199 direct.

I personally think I’ll just stick with the Dragon Express, it does what I need it to do. It gives me a way to talk into the computer even though it doesn’t give me the commands that I ultimately like to get though it looks like with the full version of DragonDictate you actually do get voice commands. I may have to look into that one now that I am impressed at the actual voice recognition. I’m just concerned about the lack of the hotkey working, more as it develops.

(Yes this was dictated through Dragon Express)

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